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Inventory Notifier

How does inventory notifier work?

When inventory levels change in Brightpearl, we receive a notification. We collect information about the product and compare it with the alerts you have set up. If anything matches, we'll perform the action you define in the alert.

If more than one alert matches an item following a notification from Brightpearl, ALL alerts will be actioned.

Brightpearl does not guarantee that a notification will be sent for every inventory change, but it's only in exceptional circumstances that one will not be sent.

Email notifications

We'll send an email for each matching alert, with the following content:

Product id = 5656
Product name = Billabong 8 foot mini mal suf board
Product sku = B724598
Search field = any
Match value =
Stock level type = on_hand
Product min stock = 4
Product qty on hand = 2
Received at = 2016-06-24 11:11:33

Webhook / POST notifications

We'll send a JSON POST to the URL you give with the following payload:

    "product_id" : 5656,
    "product_name" : "Billabong 8 foot mini mal suf board",
    "product_sku" : "BILL-724598",
    "search_field" : "sku",
    "match_value" : "BILL-",
    "stock_level_type" : "on_hand",
    "product_min stock" : 4,
    "product_qty" : 2,
    "received at" : "2016-06-24 11:11:33"

You could use this POST with a system like Zapier to add lines to a Google spreadsheet, send an SMS message ... the list is endless. Setting up Zapier or 3rd party systems to receive webhooks falls outside the scope of Annex support, though we'll try and give guidance where we can. Webhooks will be sent once for each notification. If the receiving server does not respond, or fails, the POST will not be re-attempted.